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How will we escape an artificial intelligence that knows everything about us?

There is already an artificial intelligence (AI) that not only knows what emotions we are feeling, but can reproduce them through its own codes, according to a recent announcement by the University of Colorado at Boulder. And according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), there is already an AI that knows if we are kissing another person.

In addition, according to a recent article in El País, the arrival of the so-called “superapps” is imminent, that is, something similar to the well-known applications (apps) that we all have in our smartphones, but that, unlike the apps we know, superapps can offer up to 100,000 services, and there is already talk of superapps with up to 200,000 services.

The goal of superapps, says the article in El País, is that each of us can have "all our lives on the palm of our hands." But, leaving aside the fact that nobody asked me if I want to have my whole life in the palm of my hand, wouldn't it be more correct to say that we are leaving our lives in the hands of the superapps, that is, of AI?

As the University of Colorado in Boulder explains (briefly) in its statement, the AI that knows what we feel not only knows it, but knows it knows it. And that is interesting, because many times we ourselves don't know what we feel.

In other words, how can we hide from an AI that knows more about us than we know about ourselves? Take, for example, the other AI, that of MIT, which knows if we kiss someone. Suppose that MIT AI works together with the Boulder. Then, not only AI will know if we kiss someone, but AI will also know what we feel when kissing that person.

And suppose -although there is nothing absurd in this assumption- that all this information is easily accessible by means of a superapp, as easy as it is now easy to get old (at least in images) thanks to a well-known application. Then, thanks to that fusion of different technologies, everyone will be able to know if a kiss was sincere, if there was deception when kissing, if it was an expression of passion, or if there was rejection.

And that would be only one of the probably hundreds of thousands of "services" that AI or new superapps will offer us, including the "service" of putting all knowledge about our whole lives in one place. And that, at the very least, is dangerous in a society in which information is power and immaturity is queen.

Therefore, can we escape an AI that knows everything and sees everything, that controls our whole life and that even encourages us not to think because she, adopting a deceptive woman's name, already has everything resolved for us? We can hardly do it. But a gold cage, even if it is gold, is still a cage.

So, Alexa, what alternatives do we have? What do you mean “None”?

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