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People prefer money and tablets to world peace

A recent survey done by a smartphone apps developer in England revealed that in that country people prefer to have one million pounds ($1,6 million dollars) or an iPad instead of achieving world peace, which appears third in the list of top ten wishes for this year.

As noted, the survey was done in England, but I think the conclusions can be applied to both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. My only concern is that I am not so sure world peace will appear so high in the list of priorities on this side of the Atlantic.

The results of the survey are open to interpretation and generate several questions. For example, why people think world peace should not be a priority? Why is easier to wish for something more mundane and material, such as money or a small portable computer?

Perhaps there are those who think that world peace is an unreachable and Utopian ideal and, therefore, it will be unwise to spend too much time, talent, and resources in a project that will never be completed.

Or perhaps people think world peace will be achieved thank to money and thanks to new technologies. Perhaps they think more money and better technology will solve all problems now affecting humanity and therefore a new era of peace will begin.

I am sure there are others who think first we need to define “world peace” before we make any decision of supporting or not such a noble idea.

For example, if world peace is something similar to the Pax Romana that during 200 years Roman legions imposed over the people around the Mediterranean Sea two millennia ago, then perhaps that is not the kind of peace we wish to have, because it is a militaristic peace. Or perhaps that is precisely what we need.

There is yet another explanation. Perhaps those who participated in the above-mentioned survey assumed world peace is something that only beauty pageant winners should promote, with the help of a few celebrities and other famous people.

The previous paragraph is not a joke. According to the same survey, after world peace appears in the third place of the list, places 3 to 8 are wishes for being famous, cosmetic surgery, sport cars, a mansion, and meeting a celebrity.

Then, in the ninth place in the list, appears “Start a business.” It seems people will feel happier meeting a celebrity than creating a future for their families. The tenth place is “Own a designer wardrobe.”

Do you think world peace will be achieved if we are all millionaires, have iPads, are famous, have cosmetic surgery, expensive sports care, live in mansion, are celebrities, have our own businesses, and wear designer clothes?

I do not think so. If world peace is not a priority -and clearly, according to this survey and to the daily news, it is not- then it will not be achieved and the consolation price is to hold in our hands an ephemeral and inexpensive tablet.

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