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Should we deny the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial octopi living on earth?

Just a few days ago (May 13, 2018), an international group of more than 30 scientists from different universities published a paper together analyzing the cause of the “Cambrian explosion” an “explosion” of life that happened on earth around 500 million years ago. They conclude the “explosion” probably had a “cosmic” cause (that is, extraterrestrial.)

The research, led by Dr. Edward Steele and his many colleagues, was published at the Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology magazine. According to Steele, a virus from outer space could be linked to the “evolutionary diversification” of life on earth. Even more amazing, it is possible that intelligent octopi (cephalopods) also have a cosmic origin.

In other words, octopi are intelligent because they got their intelligence from other space. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to explain their evolution of the “complex intelligence” of those animals.

Perhaps (my words), octopi are the long-lost intelligent extraterrestrial beings we were looking for, and they are here on earth.

Obviously, as soon as the hypothesis was announced, scientists, experts, and reports quickly dismissed it. Many said the otherworldly origin of octopi is simply unacceptable. Others said the hypothesis is pure nonsense. After all, who in his/her right mind would ever dare to say that octopi are intelligent beings from outer space?

I have no idea where octopi came from. That one of the millions of things I don’t know. I do know, however, that “experts” and “scientists” once said earth was flat. And when it was time to accept earth was round, those same “experts” and “scientists” insisted earth the center of the universe.

Eventually, centuries later, earth lost its privilege place in the universe. But then it was said (even until 70 years ago or so) that the Milky Was encompassed the whole universe.

It took decades of many experiments and observations to reluctantly accept the Milky Way was but one among countless galaxies in the universe. At first, of course, it was believed that the Milky Way was the bigger of the galaxies. That’s not the case. And perhaps our universe is but one among a countless plurality of universes.

Just a couple of centuries ago, “experts” and “scientists” rejected the idea of meteorites coming from space. They said heavy “stone” can’t fly high enough to then fall from the sky. And even if that could happen, stones don’t burn. So, they were sure people who saw meteorites falling down were simply mistaken.

Also, the idea of the continental drift was finally accepted just last century. The hypothesis was presented a long time before that. Yet, when it was proposed, it was ridiculed in the same way that the ideas of meteorites from space and of octopi from space were ridiculed.

So, we need to be careful about saying “That’s wrong and it can’t be true”. In saying so, we are reveling more about our loyalty to a certain dogma and people than about our openness of heart and mind to a new mysterious reality.


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