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Sometimes, the universe hears our thoughts

A few days ago, a good friend of mine invited me to have lunch with him because he wanted to share information about the important progress he was making in a community-oriented project he began decades ago. I immediately accepted the invitation, but I didn’t like the restaurant he selected, because it is a noisy place and I knew the conversation would be difficult.

I was thinking about meeting at a different place or even getting there early enough to see if there is was a table available in one of the corners or the restaurant, but then my friend sent me a message telling me he was already at the restaurant and he had a table for us. No chance to change places or table. So, I was ready for a conversation with constant background noise.

I arrived at the restaurant and, to my great surprise, it was closed. A sign at the door said it was not open to the public. And nobody was inside. I thought I went to the wrong place, but I was indeed at the right place.

I went inside the exterior door of the restaurant to avoid the street noise to call my friend. I was wondering where he was. Then, a waitress came and asked me if I was looking for somebody. I told her I was supposed to meet my friend there. She told me, “Your friend is waiting for you over there.”

He was sitting at a table in the center of the restaurant. An empty restaurant, with only the two of us there and, of course, the staff. A nice, soft music was playing in the background, something I never heard in my previous visits to that place.

My desire of having a nice, quiet conversation, with no background noise, was now a reality. But I was confused. How was my friend able to have only for the two of us and at noon a restaurant located at a busy intersection?

“I didn’t do it,” he said. I still wanted to know why the restaurant was open only for the us.

“The universe heard my thoughts,” he said.

He told me one of his appointments was cancelled, so he went to the restaurant two hours before our meeting. He sat at the only available table and, while waiting for our meeting, made a few phone calls. Then, a waitress came and told him there was a minor problem in the kitchen. If he could place his order at that moment, he could stay. Otherwise, he would have to leave.

We know each other for many years, so he ordered lunch both for me and for him. He decided to stay and make more calls. Later, a few minutes after I arrived, lunch was served. Meanwhile, everybody else left. And because he decided to stay, they even brought delicious dessert for us, at no extra cost.

The universe listens to our thoughts, but we don’t always listen to the universe.

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