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The new reality unfolds faster than we can understand it

Until just under 100 years ago, the Milky Way was believed to be the entire universe, that is, it was not known that the Milky Way was just one galaxy among countless others, but it was assumed to be all that existed. Then Andromeda measurements confirmed that Andromeda was another galaxy and not a nebula within the Milky Way. Suddenly, the universe “expanded”.

The progression seems clear, starting with the ancient times when human beings assumed that there was nothing beyond the village or city that they knew (or at least there was nothing good). Then, it was assumed that nothing existed beyond one's own country (or at least one's own territory was the only truly civilized one).

Later it was argued that this continent or that other one was the only ones and when finally, the entire planet was explored, it was believed that there were no other planets similar to earth anywhere else in the universe (that is, at that time, the Milky Way.) Finally, the Milky Way was also dethroned as "the whole and only universe." And now it's our universe's turn.

The growing idea of a multiverse, a kind of sea of universes among which ours is only a bubble, is accompanied by the idea of an oscillating universe (that is, the universe expands and contracts, creating successive “universes”). and the idea of the multidimensionality of the universe (within our own universe there would be dimensions that we still do not perceive.)

In other words, in the same way that a baby can only see during the first months of his life up to half a meter away before his eyes "learn" to see greater distances, we, as humanity, only see what we see. Perception allows us to see what we see now, and we won't be able to see anything else until we learn to see it.

Therefore, I believe that, with the constant, profound and irreversible changes that we are facing, and with the constant scientific and technological advances, we are almost forced to expand our awareness of what is and what is not real and, as consciousness, to begin to see what we did not see before. For example, earth has a pulse. 

For example, commercial space flights are already a reality, as are artificial human organs and virtual doctors (even surgeons). All these elements are interconnected because for long-distance space travel or for permanent human colonies in space, artificial organs and virtual doctors will be necessary.

However, most of us continue our lives ignoring the arrival of the new reality and ignoring that this new reality is not only already here but it affects us. For example, due to the aforementioned changes, it is estimated that in the near future hundreds of millions of people around the world will have to learn our jobs to find employment.

Whether we are ready or not, the multiverse, the multidimensional universe and the new future await us. So, let’s prepare ourselves for the new reality. 

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