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We think we can extinguish our inner light, but it’s still shinning

My car, although not new, works well and, except for normal maintenance, doesn’t present any major problems. However, the headlights, as I discovered recently, no longer illuminated as before, so an "expert" suggested changing them, with an estimated cost of hundreds of dollars.

Before deciding to pay that amount, a quick consultation with real experts led me to buy a package to restore those lights and, for only $ 15 and after less than an hour's work, the lights shone again.

In fact, the problem was not the lights. There was no need to change them. It was only necessary to remove what obscured them in such a way and with such slowness that the difference in light between one day and the next one was so small that one can hardly notice it and then, erroneously, one assumed that lights continued to illuminate as before.

Even worse, once the problem became impossible to deny, when it became clear that the lights no longer illuminated as before, the solution proposed by the “expert” was so expensive (both in time and money) that it seemed impossible to achieve. The truth, however, was that the restoration of the headlights was simple, fast, and inexpensive process.

The situation made me think that throughout our life our inner light stops illuminating our path, and not because that inner light goes out, but because we hide it with our beliefs, creeds, dogmas, ideologies, trends, fashions, and self-deception. We could add many more elements to that list, including our growing dependency on social media and a growing inability to think. 

Little by little, almost imperceptibly, we add a new thin layer of darkness in front of our inner light that today, therefore, illuminates a little less than yesterday. But we don't realize it. We don’t pay attention to it. We don’t consider it as a small problem now, much less a large long-term problem.

And one day, for whatever reason, our inner light stops shining. It was not extinguished, but it is only hidden behind all the dust of the everydayness, of the temporal, which we have allowed to accumulate on it. And, even worse, to that dust of inauthenticity, of superficiality, we add a layer of oblivion.

Then, the light that used to illuminate our path no longer illuminate us, not because it cannot shine, but because we prevented it. And when, in desperation to find some light for our lives again, we seek to reverse the situation, we turn to "experts" who easily convince us that the only alternative is an expensive and long process. But it's not like that.

Contrary to what happens with the lights of the cars, when it comes to our interior light there are no “experts”, because, first of all, it is the light shining within us and, secondly, that light is not lost. It is only a matter of removing everything that, knowingly or not, we have deposited on the light, preventing its full radiance from being seen.

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