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What can be done, if anything, when our own leaders are our own worst enemies?

The task seemed simple: to talk with a certain community leader to present her with a free long-term personal training project, focused on solidifying the financial foundations of the family. But neither the task was simple nor was there communication.

"I'll be clear, Francisco," this person -who oversees dozens of community programs in the city where I live- told me. "God brought us here to be poor and we should not help anyone to get out of poverty because it is not what God wants."

Neither statistics, nor reasoning, nor personal stories, nor even an appeal to common sense served at all to establish a dialogue with that person. For her, there was nothing to listen or to be debated. She remained as adamant about her opinions as Alexei Karenin with his own, both believing to fulfill what "God" wants for us.

But that was not the only case. Recently I was asked to speak with a well-known leader, supervisor of a massive community project northwest of my place of residence. He is a person of great influence in the region. And once again, the goal was to establish some cooperation to facilitate the community's access to the new future.

The response was immediate: "That (the future) doesn’t exist and the community doesn’t need it."  There was no dialogue in this case either and every attempt to speak was answered with an increase in the voice volume of the (supposed) leader, indicating that he had no intention of listening.

Although without appealing to any divinity, it was very clear that he would "close the door" to all attempts to communicate with "his" community.

And those are our leaders. They look like us, they talk like us, they eat what we eat, they go to the places we go, but they are against us. They keep us poor (like the first case) and isolated (like the second case).

We have not elected them. Nobody voted them. They put themselves in the places they now hold. And we let them stay there. We revere them when they pass. We applaud them. We take pictures with them. We listen to them with admiration and do not dare to question them. We treat as saviors, even if they are our worst enemies.

They are closed-minded. They have become accustomed to hearing a single voice (their own, which they consider to be "the" truth) and, even unconsciously, they manipulate others to accept that "truth", although that "truth" means for us to remain poor, isolated, ignorant, hopeless, and separated from the future.

These "leaders" fight against false threats, create nonexistent conflicts, fight against fictitious enemies. And they have no followers, only addicts who, for that very reason, remain blind to the true enemies of their lives.

And while those small minds and hearts "lead" us, artificial intelligence already reads the human mind, scientists seek another planet because this one may no longer last, and the new future is already a reality. Please, let's open our eyes!

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