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Blog posts February 2022

Don’t feed moose during the winter: you will kill them

A recent news story from Idaho shares details about two moose (a mother with her calf) arriving on the outskirts of a small town, perhaps because the human presence, which the moose do not fear, keeps their predators away. Seeing that the moose were not eating, a local woman fed them. Two days later…

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We can only see what we expect to see in the context of our circumstances

I recently read an article about a man who, walking through a forest in the US state of Oregon, suddenly came across an overturned car among the trees that authorities later determined was a Porsche stolen in 1997. The interesting thing about the case is that the vehicle, missing for decades, was ne…

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Not everything that glitters is gold and not everything that appears to be human is

It has been rightly said that all that glitters is not gold, that a book is not judged solely by its cover and that appearances are deceiving. All that is true, but there is one case that, in my opinion, ranks among the worst hoaxes possible and it is not the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, but…

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Who pays more attention, us or the goldfish?

A decade ago, or maybe a little less, a report began to circulate indicating that the attention span of humans decreased so much that now goldfish, with their 8 seconds of attention, pay attention for longer than we humans. The report is still widely used, even though it never existed as such.


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¿Quién presta más atención, nosotros o los pececillos dorados?

Hace una década, o quizá un poco menos, comenzó a circular un reporte indicando que el tiempo de atención de los seres humanos disminuyó tanto que ahora los pececillos dorados, con sus 8 segundos de atención, prestan atención durante más tiempo que nosotros los humanos. El reporte sigue siendo usado…

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