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Blog posts July 2022

We don't always go where we are sure we are going

According to a recent report, Jim Metcalfe, a businessman in the United Kingdom, did what he had done so many times before: he got on a train in Glasgow at midnight to travel for about five hours and, therefore, waking up in London at down. And, as he always does, once inside the train, Metcalfe fel…

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What elements of our imagination exist in reality?

A recent essay explains that imaginary numbers are, in fact, very real. According to the publication, new advances in physics show that the so-called imaginary numbers "describe the hidden aspect of nature."

The article was written by Karmela Padavic-Callaghan, a science journalist, and appeared …

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Respecting life includes respecting the cycles of life

They recently interviewed an elderly Spanish man and asked him if he did not feel sad because, after 45 years, he had to leave his job of taking care of the bulls that run in the world-famous San Fermín Festival, in Pamplona, on July 7 every year. The veteran worker immediately replied, "No."


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We cannot enter the new future with the preparation acquired in the past

I recently read the story of a young couple who, to escape the Texas heat, decided to travel a few hours to southern Colorado and camp near a lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Shortly after finishing setting up their tent, the couple had to be rescued because neither he nor she was prepared fo…

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