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Blog posts September 2022

If the science fiction of the past is already real, will a past Utopia become our future?

Many years ago, I read in a sci-fi anthology (but I can't remember any other details) a short story about some "wonderful" shoes that could be worn for a long time without wearing out and then, when you stopped wearing them, they just dissolved. It turns out that now that kind of shoes, or something…

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Can intelligence be understood mostly as speaking properly and clearly?

I recently read an article (on TechXplore) about a robot, called Epi, who was taught by experts at Lund University in Sweden to speak in less robotic and more human tones, and using words and phrases from everyday life. As a result, humans consider Epi more intelligent and reliable than other robots…

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Earth has its own electrical grid (but we are offline)

A recent study published by scientists from the prestigious Yale University indicates that our planet has its own electricity network, a global network of nanowires or biofilms generated by bacteria, both on land and in the sea, thus allowing circulation of electricity.

According to the scientist…

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Certain metals have their own memory. And perhaps their own consciousness?

Recently (end of August), scientists from the Federal Polytechnic School (Switzerland) announced the discovery of non-living, brainless materials that can remember previous external stimuli. That is, they have memory. The question then arises if they also have their own consciousness and notion of t…

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