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Blog posts February 2023

We only have a decade left before we lose our decision-making capacity

News about the new future breaks so fast that it feels like you're speeding through one sci-fi movie after another. But it is neither a movie nor fiction, rather it is a new reality that we still do not fully see or understand, but that already affects us.

For example, Australian soldiers can alr…

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How long can we assume things and delude ourselves without accepting reality?

I recently needed the services of an electrician and when I called him, he told me he would come the next day at 10 am. More than half an hour later, the man called me saying that during all this time he had been standing in front of my house and that he had knocked on the door and rang the bell, bu…

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The impossible is only impossible for those who believe so

A little over a decade ago, in the context of a philosophy class focused on technological change, I indicated to my students that quantum computing would arrive in a short time and, with its arrival, would cause a revolution in our lives. I remember the incident from the reaction of the students: th…

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Order is just the chaos we became used to

A professor I once met in college repeated quite often that order is just the chaos we are used to. In other words, what we consider "normal" is "normal" only because we see it that way or accept it, although it may not be something so "normal" or "ordered" for other people.

For example, I rememb…

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