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Blog posts March 2023

How much confusion can we accept before seeking clarity?

Although all the evidence indicates that the future is no longer a continuity of the past and that we are not prepared for this new future, even so, there is an insistence on returning to a "normality" that was never normal because, if it had been, it would have allowed us to build a future, instead…

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At what point does technology become magic? When we become irrational

Although only a few decades have really passed, I remember those now prehistoric and obsolete times when I first saw a color television, used a photocopier, enjoyed a hologram, and held a cell phone in my hand (which was the size and the weight of a brick).

But none of those advances, which at the …

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We no longer know or cannot distinguish the true from the false

I remember reading some time ago the story about Dolly Parton entering one day a Dolly Parton look-alike contest. She lost. In fact, they told her that she didn't imitate Dolly Parton well enough and gave the award to a man dressed like her. That story illustrates a key element of our times: we pref…

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In this hyper-connected age, we are more isolated than ever

South Korean philosopher Byun-Chul Han affirms that we live in a time in which we exploit ourselves and, moreover, we do it with pleasure. Therefore, we live continuously stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. A recent study, prepared by, adds details to that observation.

According to tha…

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