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On May 24, Mitsubishi engineers announced that an intelligent robot they created solved the famous Rubik's Cube in just 0.3 seconds. It is worth mentioning that in 2016 the fastest time for a robot to solve the Rubik's cube was one minute, compared to 1:04 minutes in 2009.

Among humans, the best …

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Our foolish abuse of new technologies threatens our very future

We live in a time of so much scientific and technological advance that we can now (almost) detect megastructures of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy and that we can now (without the “almost”) digitally duplicate any person, living or dead, and interact with that person. But so much techn…

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Do we sleep and dream to prepare for the future? It looks like it is

A new study published in the prestigious journal Nature on May 1 indicates that, during the first half of sleep, the brain “reboots” neuronal connections apparently with the purpose of preparing for the future or, more specifically, to be ready for learn what needs to be learned in the near future.…

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Ignorance and pride prevent us from seeing the signs that the future sends us

Recently I witnessed (from a distance) an accident on a busy street north of the city where I live. It turns out that one lane was closed for construction, with signs, flashing arrows, and orange cones warning of this situation. But a driver ignored all these signs and, after suddenly braking, colli…

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