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Blog posts June 2024

Has AI become a kind of almost inquisitorial censorship?

A few days ago, I read an article (I'm intentionally not going to give other details) in which an expert on the subject of AI stated that, due to algorithms, less and less information can be shared on social networks since almost any message that one shares can be automatically removed. I wanted to …

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We are trapped inside an infinite lie, that of being ourselves

Reality seems so real to us and dreams so unreal that we often lose sight of the fact that we declare the real as real precisely by comparing it with dreams, which we declare as unreal because, when we wake up, their state of reality becomes evident. unreality. However, what if reality was a dream f…

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AI generates fear, or maybe we are afraid of ourselves

To the growing fear (real or imaginary) that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon leave us all without jobs, a new fear is now added: that AI will soon take away our free will and our ability to act, according to recent statements by Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Twitter (now called X).

In an inter…

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We are perhaps the only humans in the galaxy, but not on our planet

A recent revision of the famous Drake Equation (used since the middle of the last century to determine how many intelligent civilizations exist in our galaxy) seems to indicate that we are probably the only humans in the Milky Way. Whether that conclusion is true or not, the truth is that we are no …

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