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Earth has its own electrical grid (but we are offline)

A recent study published by scientists from the prestigious Yale University indicates that our planet has its own electricity network, a global network of nanowires or biofilms generated by bacteria, both on land and in the sea, thus allowing circulation of electricity.

According to the scientists, the bacteria create a “stable and robust” electrical current and the electrical current increases when the nanowires (filaments) are exposed to light. However, the electrical current generated by bacteria is found both in the depths of the oceans and in the depths of the earth. And the connection undoubtedly is global.

The scientists said that until now the existence of this electrical network at the planetary level was unknown and that it has not yet been possible to determine how the bacteria generate electricity or how they manage to connect with each other. Bacteria apparently transfer electrons by breathing.

Regardless of what the Yale scientists say, it is well known that since ancient times it was ensured that an "energy network" ran throughout the planet and that, in fact, some (or many, or all) of the ancient monuments they were built precisely to access that energy grid.

I am not saying that the recent scientific discovery corroborates what was believed in ancient times, much less suggesting that it is the same issue. I'm just saying that there is a curious similarity between one concept and the other since both speak of a natural network of energy (or electricity) running through the planet.

But whether it is something produced by bacteria (as the scientists say) or whether it is something more mysterious (as the ancients believed), the truth is that this energy exists. In fact, Nikola Tesla sought to access that network to transmit electrical energy wirelessly to the entire world.

Tesla did not succeed and today we are connected to our fragile electrical network of human and technical creation, but not to the energy of the planet. In other words, we are disconnected, we could say unplugged from the planet, as shown by each one of our actions and our thoughts against the planet and ourselves.

In ancient Greek, the word for “connection” is logos, which also means “reason”, “speech”, “word”, “study” and ten more pages of meanings, including the divine presence in us.

As Heraclitus taught two and a half millennia ago, our disconnection is so great that we do not even know that we are disconnected from nature, from the universe, from divinity, from others and from ourselves. However, as the ancients taught and modern scientists seem to say, that connection with the energy of the planet is not only possible, but it is necessary to be authentically human.

Unfortunately, we prefer to reduce the world to a screen, and, for this reason, we delegate reality in the hands of "influencers" instead of feeling wet grass, walking along a path in the forest or enjoying the waves of the sea. Thus, we are certainly “i-logical”, without logos, that, painfully irrational. 

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