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Blog posts March 2019

You say I know a lot? No. Actually, I don’t know anything

“You know a lot,” one participant told me after a recent presentation about the challenges of social and cultural integration. Obviously, that person is wrong in his appreciation of my knowledge and, after expressing sincere gratitude for his words, I told him so.

“Thank you very much,” I sai…

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The Titanic sank by “strictly” following the rules. So, what rules are sinking your life?

According to a book recently published by investigative journalist Senan Molony, one of the reasons that led to the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912, was that the crew in charge of the ship “strictly followed the naval protocol.” In other words, if, instead of being so strict, they had been …

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What color is your straitjacket?

In 1970, the well-known book What color is your parachute? was published for the first time. In it, Richard Nelson Bolles provided advice on how to look for and find a job. Half a century later, with all due respect to Bolles, the question has changed and now the book should be called What color i…

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“I have a question for you: Which one is your spirituality?”

In the context of a recent and interesting conversation, my unexpected interlocutor asked this question without warning: “Which one is your spirituality?” He didn’t say “How is your spiritual life?” He said “which one”, suggesting that, in answering, I was expected to specify which, among many spiri…

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We all suffer from existential myopia, but we don’t recognize it

Sometime ago I read an interesting fact: up to a certain age, babies only see it up to 12 inches in front of their eyes. Anything located at a greater distance is simply out of their sight. For them, the world ends very close to their eyes. 

And not only that, because, at the same time, it takes…

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