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Blog posts May 2019

The worst answer I ever received was, "You can’t talk about that"

Of all the responses that I have never received to my questions, the most unpleasant response has been "You can’t talk about that" because, far from being an answer, that phrase oscillates between escapism, condescension, and ignorance, making any dialogue impossible.

But why people say, "You c…

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The emotional attachment to an illusion removes reality from being a priority

I remember that time when, still in my first grades of elementary school, I liked to watch a wrestling program once a week on a small black-and-white television set. But one day I stopped watching that show when, to the horror of my childhood mind, one of the fighters was injured and blood covered h…

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How do you solve a puzzle that changes every time you add a piece?

I think there is something worse and more complicated than trying to solve a puzzle without a complete image serving as a guide and it’s trying to solve a puzzle that changes every time you add a piece, so even if with all the pieces at hand there will never be a complete image to guide you.


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Our second genesis is imminent. Yet, we are not ready for it.

The "second genesis" of humanity is not only unavoidable, but imminent, and it includes the scientific confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial life, thus modifying all aspects of our life on this planet, said a renowned Australian scientist.

According to Dr. Cathal D. O'Connell, researc…

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