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Blog posts February 2019

We don’t know who we are, and we will probably never know it

This is the issue: artificial intelligence is changing our language and, therefore, changing our brain. And, in doing so, it makes us doubt about ourselves and, as a consequence, it generates an increasing uncertainty about what it means to be human and about our own future as humanity. Now, let's e…

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Existential paradoxes, yes. Narcissistic contradictions, no.

Existential paradoxes have been part of humanity since humans become humans precisely because we, humans, are not yet totally sure of what or who alone really, much less of what our purpose or destiny is, here or in the most there (if there is one).

For that reason, the Greek philosopher Heraclit…

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What can be done, if anything, when our own leaders are our own worst enemies?

The task seemed simple: to talk with a certain community leader to present her with a free long-term personal training project, focused on solidifying the financial foundations of the family. But neither the task was simple nor was there communication.

"I'll be clear, Francisco," this person -who…

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We will soon be replaced by intelligent robots and they are already watching us

Francisco Miraval

I must confess that I don’t like it when I watch a TV series that it is presented as only fiction and then, later, I discover that the technology presented in that series was not fiction at all. It really upsets me when I see that years after the TV series ended the fictional te…

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