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From stability to risk and from progress to fear

The recent United Nations report on the plight of humanity due to the plight of the planet (and refusing to see the challenge does not solve it) led me to think of a book I read some time ago about the transition from a stable society to a society in constant risk.

Almost 30 years ago, the German…

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The world changes really fast between just a couple of phone calls (and we don’t see it).

"How are you, Francisco? We haven't spoken in several weeks,” a friend told me in a recent phone call. "I'm fine and I hope you and your family are all fine too," I replied. And then he said, "Any news?"

The conversation continued for several minutes, focusing on the more trivial topics that ab…

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A brief and modest defense of philosophy in the 21st century

A report from the World Economic Forum lists some of the skills required for jobs in the 21st century. It seems to me all of those skills are within the realm of philosophy. And many of the issues that overwhelm and worry us today are, without any doubt, philosophical issues. Like it or not, we need…

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The system never reveals to us all of the future possibilities

I recently learned, and I regret not having done it sooner, that the system in which one lives (whatever system it is and at any time in human history) never presents us with all future possibilities due to the complexity and multiplicity of those possibilities. In other words, the system always red…

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Should I hug my Teddy bear, or should I plant my apple tree?

I recently read that, according to NASA, starting in 2030 the moon will wobble in such a way that it will cause large tides on Earth. And when I had not yet recovered from that news, I read another story that indicates that the studies done in 1972 by MIT experts are correct: humanity will disappear…

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When the storm comes, we must feel it with body and soul

Recently, I have repeatedly heard that expression that says that the best way to cope with a storm (that is, the chaos we now live in) is to be close to the storm. I must say that, at first, it seemed like a wrong suggestion because, after all, isn't it better to get away from the storm and find a s…

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The new reality unfolds faster than we can understand it

Until just under 100 years ago, the Milky Way was believed to be the entire universe, that is, it was not known that the Milky Way was just one galaxy among countless others, but it was assumed to be all that existed. Then Andromeda measurements confirmed that Andromeda was another galaxy and not a …

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We live in a frozen society, as frozen and cold as our hearts and minds

We sit in front of a screen (it doesn’t matter which one) to watch something and immediately we say there is nothing to watch, even after browsing dozens of channels, or searching hundreds of options. And if we watch something, even if it is new, we already know what is going to happen because it is…

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We are disconnected from the future because we are disconnected from ourselves

About 2500 years ago, at the beginning of the so-called Western civilization, Heraclitus warned about the negative consequences for the entire society of those people unable to relate to others because they could not even relate to themselves. Two and a half millennia later, the situation has worsen…

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It is time to start thinking about the 27th century

When civilization fell apart globally (and by many of the same factors that plague us today) in the 12th century BC, a group of dedicated forward-thinking people pledged to preserve and stabilize civilization, which it happened some 600 years later. Similarly, today we have to start thinking about t…

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What’s the point of being free if then we slave ourselves?

Mythology can be understood, among one of its many meanings, as an externalization of our psychological life and in that way, by making the unconscious conscious, it sheds light on our daily actions, showing them in all their tragedy. At times I think mythology only becomes concrete by being acted o…

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There are many excellent ways to close our eyes to reality

There are many excellent ways to close your eyes to reality and, to be direct, it seems that in the age in which we live (and not only because of the pandemic) people still find new ways to disengage and forget about reality. However, closing your eyes to reality doesn’t cause reality to disappear.…

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It’s time to learn how to learn to constantly reinvent ourselves

According to a recent report, now that we are living on this side of the most recent pandemic, more and more companies are hiring staff not because of what they know or have studied, but because of the ability of those people to learn to learn and, more specifically, constantly learning to reinvent …

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Measuring time increases the entropy in the universe

Life has become so absurd that it seems necessary to seek some kind of explanation, even if partially satisfactory, to try to understand this significant and undeniable growth of chaos, and not of a chaos that anticipates a new creation, but of a chaos that anticipates destruction. According to a ne…

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According to Seneca, life seems to be short because we just waste it

Two millennia ago, at the time of the Roman Empire, people complained about the shortness of their lives. And they were right, since at that time the life expectancy for most people was only 35 years and someone in their 40s was considered “very old”. But, according to the Stoic philosopher Seneca, …

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Let’s use the proper tools to solve problems and challenges

I recently had to remove several branches from a shrub in my backyard because the shrub, perhaps somewhat neglected last year, had grown disproportionately for its section of the yard. The task seemed extremely simple to me, but it became complicated because, at first, I didn’t use the right tools.…

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If we only see what our believes allow us to see, we see nothing

I was recently asked to give a (virtual) presentation on current trends and, as a consequence, the possible future that we would not be heading for. So, I started with a warning that I always use: “I do not predict or know the future”. And then I said: "If tomorrow an asteroid hit Earth or the Marti…

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What are the main questions people have about the future? Cars and food

In a recent survey (February 2021), the Kaspersky company asked about 7,000 people around the world what were the main questions those people had about the future. In other words, the survey sought to determine what the general public around the planet really wants to know about the future. And the …

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Closing your eyes to the future will not stop the future from arriving

Someone recently contacted me asking for my help to "see the future with more clarity." This is a businessman who, due to the changes caused by the pandemic, considered it prudent to spend some time thinking about how his business could be part of the new future. But, despite his request, he didn’t …

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Experts get so used to their own thinking that they make mistakes

In 1991, French diver Henri Cosquer, while exploring an area near Marseille, found the underwater entrance to a cave where, to his amazement, there were prehistoric paintings on the walls. In fact, hundreds of paintings, including penguins. When Cosquer announced his discovery, many "experts" indica…

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