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Psychological and spiritual needs are just as important as physical needs

I recently learned of the existence of a small statue carved about 40,000 years ago and known as the Lion Man, found in 1939 in a cave in southern Germany and considered to be the oldest sculpture ever found so far. I mention the topic because I found it interesting to know the meaning of the stat…

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If we think of the future, then we also think of the negative future

I recently learned (too bad I didn't learn it sooner) that when we think of a better future, we simultaneously and inevitably think of the worse possible future. In other words, the more we focus on a bright future, the more we cannot avoid thinking about a dark future. Both futures are inseparable …

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We should never assume who the other person is or brag to “conquer” that person

I recently read the story of a man who decided to accompany a friend to a bar when he found out that the friend's girlfriend was coming with a friend. Already in the bar, the man in question had a lively and promising conversation with the woman he had just met, until the man discovered, too late fo…

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Accumulated dirt deprives us of seeing the bright colors of life

For decades, and possibly centuries, art experts and historians debated why Michelangelo would have used muted colors in his unique paintings in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, given that Michelangelo himself used vivid colors in other paintings. of his paintings and works, as did many of his con…

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We have already begun to delegate our self-destruction to artificial intelligence

In the context of the current war in Europe (one more!), of another massacre in the United States (another one!), and of a world convulsed by innumerable problems, from the increasing number of retrograde and oppressive laws to the immense capacity of many people to deny the undeniable, the question…

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The pandemic forced people to remove those unpleasant smiley masks they wore

There is no doubt that the pandemic (which, by the way, is not over yet) has impacted and transformed many aspects of our lives. For example, a new study reveals that the pandemic has caused and increased apathy and exacerbated divisions in many churches. And another impact of the pandemic, I add, w…

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Repeating the past renders the present insignificant and cancels out the future

The story is told that, during the Second World War, the English army decided to review its troops to find a way to increase their effectiveness and that review found that next to each mobile cannon there were always two soldiers who did nothing, an unacceptable situation, of course, in the middle o…

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Bad advice in early childhood ruins the future of several generations

According to a recent study, the main reason why Latino men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 35 do not go to college is the bad advice they received before they were eight years old from their parents and teachers. And that is the same reason why Latino men of that age, even if they e…

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We are turning the future into the dump of the present

As the Spanish philosopher Daniel Innerarity said more than a decade ago, we have made the future the dump of the present. And the reason, we add, is clear: all destruction of the past to "make room" for the present transforms the future into a dump full of those rubble, debris and refuse that, accu…

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Congratulations to Flamenco 492 for flying away and teaching us valuable lessons

In 2005, a zoo in Sedgwick, Kansas, United States, brought back from Africa a flamingo, listed as Number 492 among the animals in that zoo. But before the flamingo could definitively join its companions also captured in Africa, the flamingo flew away and was only found now, healthy, happy, and livin…

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We are afraid of the future because it forces as to face our madness in the present

It is said that we should not worry about the future because it has not yet arrived (it is a mistake, because the future is always already here) and it is said that the future is not worth thinking about because we cannot know it (another mistake, but more difficult to explain, although the "memorie…

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More knowledge and information generate more ignorance and less wisdom

We frequently hear that joke saying that marriage is the main cause of divorce. Technically, it is true. In the same way, it could be said that knowledge is the main cause of ignorance. And it may well be that this is so because it is clear that easy access to the enormous amount of information and …

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An anti-universe full of irrelevant "factoids" and harsh "censorship"

I was recently invited to participate in a virtual meeting on the disproportionate psychological, economic, and social impact that the two years of the current pandemic have had on the Hispanic community in the United States, where 90 percent of Latinos lost jobs or significant income, and where two…

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Classes are now offered to learn to swim out of the water

I recently received a message asking me to share with my contacts the information about a new course teaching people how to open their own childcare business. A little further down in the same message it was indicated that childcare would not be offered during the course because, apparently, the org…

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The current epidemic of infobesity feeds our minds with junk information

One of the great challenges in combating and reducing hunger where I live (Colorado, United States) is that those who are not hungry or food insecure believe that these problems do not exist because they are not directly affected. Yet one in ten people in Colorado faces hunger.

One of the main re…

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We're so lost we don't even recognize that we've already found ourselves

At the end of September 2021, somewhere in Turkey, a man arrived at the trailhead of a path through a local forest. He found something unusual: a large group of people had gathered there to begin searching for someone lost in that same forest. Faced with such a situation, the newcomer joined the sea…

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Don’t feed moose during the winter: you will kill them

A recent news story from Idaho shares details about two moose (a mother with her calf) arriving on the outskirts of a small town, perhaps because the human presence, which the moose do not fear, keeps their predators away. Seeing that the moose were not eating, a local woman fed them. Two days later…

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We can only see what we expect to see in the context of our circumstances

I recently read an article about a man who, walking through a forest in the US state of Oregon, suddenly came across an overturned car among the trees that authorities later determined was a Porsche stolen in 1997. The interesting thing about the case is that the vehicle, missing for decades, was ne…

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Not everything that glitters is gold and not everything that appears to be human is

It has been rightly said that all that glitters is not gold, that a book is not judged solely by its cover and that appearances are deceiving. All that is true, but there is one case that, in my opinion, ranks among the worst hoaxes possible and it is not the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, but…

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Who pays more attention, us or the goldfish?

A decade ago, or maybe a little less, a report began to circulate indicating that the attention span of humans decreased so much that now goldfish, with their 8 seconds of attention, pay attention for longer than we humans. The report is still widely used, even though it never existed as such.


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