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Do “coincidences” reveal new knowledge if properly understood?

Recently, through social networks, I received a video sent by someone I do not know, indicating that the topic would be of interest to me. Basically, it was a recording made 15 years ago in Peru in which a "prophetess" explained that at this time a "great disease" would begin in the world's water.

I must confess that, out of curiosity, I watched a few minutes of the video before interrupting it (neither the quality of the images nor the content were good), but that time was enough to understand that the woman in question had had a dream in which she was told him that the world's water would be polluted and that the problem would originate in the United States.

I stopped watching and placed the video on the same bag with so many other videos and posts that run on social media requiring a high level of credulity to give them the slightest bit of attention. So, I went to the post office to get my mail and, among the letters, there was one from the city where I live saying that the reservoir used for the city's water was contaminated.

The letter from the local municipality did not give details of the reasons for the contamination, although it explained that it was serious enough for all human activities to be prohibited in that place, including swimming, fishing, boating, and even walking around the area. The notice did not say anything about when the contaminated water reservoir would reopen.

The situation bothered me: minutes after I saw a video recorded in Peru a decade and a half ago about contaminated water in the United States, I receive an official notification from the city where I reside informing me of contaminated water. Mere coincidence? Message from the universe? I do not know. But it did really happen.

And the following also happened. A few days ago, driving home from work at the office, I heard on the radio that commercial airplanes will begin flying in formation, as do birds and military aircrafts, as a way to reduce the cost of those. air travel.

For about 25 years I have lived close to an international airport and I often see several planes landing almost simultaneously. But I never saw them flying in formation. After hearing the news, I was left thinking that one day I would like to see in real life a formation of eight to ten commercial airplanes, as they were described on the radio.

A few minutes later, that's exactly what I saw: eight planes from different airlines (because of their colors) flying close enough to each other to see them all at once, and obviously far enough to avoid any danger. Another simple coincidence? Another message from the universe?

These experiences are difficult for me to accept because, among other reasons, the transformation from what is news or story one moment to a personal experience the next moment oscillates between the interesting and the terrifying.

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