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Blog posts June 2022

Psychological and spiritual needs are just as important as physical needs

I recently learned of the existence of a small statue carved about 40,000 years ago and known as the Lion Man, found in 1939 in a cave in southern Germany and considered to be the oldest sculpture ever found so far. I mention the topic because I found it interesting to know the meaning of the stat…

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If we think of the future, then we also think of the negative future

I recently learned (too bad I didn't learn it sooner) that when we think of a better future, we simultaneously and inevitably think of the worse possible future. In other words, the more we focus on a bright future, the more we cannot avoid thinking about a dark future. Both futures are inseparable …

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We should never assume who the other person is or brag to “conquer” that person

I recently read the story of a man who decided to accompany a friend to a bar when he found out that the friend's girlfriend was coming with a friend. Already in the bar, the man in question had a lively and promising conversation with the woman he had just met, until the man discovered, too late fo…

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Accumulated dirt deprives us of seeing the bright colors of life

For decades, and possibly centuries, art experts and historians debated why Michelangelo would have used muted colors in his unique paintings in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, given that Michelangelo himself used vivid colors in other paintings. of his paintings and works, as did many of his con…

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