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Blog posts March 2024

Will we survive the threshold of 2030? Maybe yes, but we must prepare

For some reason, 2030 is presented as an interesting year in the history of humanity, a pivotal moment in which, apparently, we will cross a threshold into a new reality for which we are not prepared and which we can barely describe. And this is neither speculation nor science fiction, but just payi…

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Will we leave our decisions and our future in the hands of “silicon sages”?

The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (created by us, it is worth remembering), added to the constant evidence of our inability to live in harmony with the planet and with others, have motivated a growing number of people to insist that AI must make important decisions about our future and pe…

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Little has changed in our society in the last two and a half millennia

I recently read that in our society “everything is lost” because “bad people serve as a good example and good people serve as mockery.” That complaint sought to reflect the “disintegration of the fundamental pillars” of current society, and, more specifically, the great “ethical challenges” facing t…

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Reality not only does not kill the narratives, but it does not even make a dent in them

The saying that “reality kills narratives” is repeated with some frequency, seeking to express that there are certain irrefutable facts or data that, when presented or when we become aware of them, nullify unfounded or unverifiable stories about reality. Unfortunately, that is not the case.


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