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Blog posts April 2024

It seems that in a short time AI will be able to think for itself. When will we humans think?

In a recent article (April 11, 2024), Joelle Pineau, the vice president of artificial intelligence (AI) research at Meta, stated that “we are working hard to find a way for (AI) to not only talk, but I can really reason, plan and remember.”

In fact, according to that same article, Meta and Op…

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What will emerge once all the new technologies now scattered are merged?

A few decades ago, looking at the telephone of that time, and then at the radio, the television, the camera, the video recorder, the maps, the flashlight, and many other artifacts I could never, not even in a moment of high imagination, anticipate that some One day all these devices would be merged …

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Closing ourselves to the present means excluding ourselves from the new future

I recently witnessed a situation in a local supermarket that exemplifies that mental, emotional, and psychological closure that, by keeping us locked in the present, prevents us from seeing the new future and, therefore, connecting with that future. That is, we consciously or not exclude ourselves f…

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How can you think and act when science fiction becomes reality?

As a child, I liked to watch Star Trek, the landmark science fiction series that still continues to impact current culture and serves as inspiration for technological creations. However, I never anticipated, neither at that time nor in the near past, that Star Trek, far from being mere entertainment…

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A very dangerous limiting narrative: the techno-determinist narrative

Searching for recent news related to the future, I came across the article “How Much of Our Humanity Are We Willing to Outsource to AI?” by Sage Cammers-Goodwin and Rosalie Waelen, (The Nation, March 27, 2024), where the authors question the passive acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) and adv…

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