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Blog posts January 2024

We have forgotten about the future because the past saturates our entire present

There is little doubt that we live immersed in an era in which past exercise has provided omnipresent control in our lives. That control is so strong that many (including influential and controversial politicians) seek to return to the past or, at least, try to relive it.

In this context, the dis…

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We are increasingly separated from the source of knowledge and wisdom

I recently had the unexpected opportunity to briefly participate in an introductory philosophy class at a tertiary institution in the city where I live. Since I consider myself a philosopher (both in the academic and existential sense of that word), I accepted the invitation. The class was enlighten…

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Our loneliness is so deep we now seek companionship among robots and AI

So-called “social networks” were supposed to bring us closer to each other, breaking down the barriers of time and space so we could communicate almost instantly with almost anyone. But the only result was to separate us even more and offer us pseudo “friends”, superficial videos, and dialogues only…

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You can’t receive help with closed hands (nor is it worth giving it to you)

Along with an open mind and heart, the other key attitude to connecting with the future (that is, with our best possible future version) is the open hand, as taught by Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT, who suggests that “open hand” is a metaphor that represents the willingness both to change our perspective…

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New year, new life… or maybe just more of the same

Let's be honest: at the beginning of each year, we all set goals or make “resolutions” for the new year, but just a few weeks later, we no longer meet those goals. Worse still, we believe that we will have to wait another year to set new goals that we obviously will not achieve either. 

But …

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