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Blog posts February 2024

When talking about serious topics, humor yes, giggles no

I recently participated in a meeting of community leaders, businessmen and students convened by the organizers to talk about a topic of undeniable importance: the great challenges facing humanity in this historic moment of transition to a new era. To my amazement (and annoyance), the conversation wa…

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We live in such a confusing time that it is difficult for us to even live

I recently read an article on a well-known international news site that said that we live in a time probably without historical precedent in which rules, laws and agreements are no longer respected and in which everything is insatiably focused on achieving more money, more attention, more likes as t…

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We should not confuse knowing our problems with knowing our life.

Recently, after a community presentation, a person came up to me and said, “I thought I knew my life, but in reality, I only knew my problems.” My unexpected interlocutor offered a short thank you and promptly left, leaving me with the feeling that her brief statement expressed and at the same time …

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We live in the world upside down and we have the evidence to prove it

I recently read a news story about a high school principal somewhere in the United States who went to buy a cup of coffee and, when paying, handed over 75 cents instead of paying a dollar. Instead of alerting the educator about the missing 25 cents, the store employee called the police and filed a t…

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