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Blog posts November 2023

We have learned so much to doubt everything that, by believing in nothing, we believe in everything

About 2300 years ago. the Greek philosopher Aristotle taught that to determine if something was real, three elements were needed: that our senses were functioning properly, that there were no external disturbances or obstacles restricting our senses, and that other people had the same perceptions in…

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The great narratives of the past are over: now we only have fragmented narratives

I recently entered the gym and, as I do every day, I looked on my phone for the app that contains the barcode to mark my presence at the gym. Only that day the application did not open. Seeing my predicament, the young receptionist, before I said anything, said: “If you don't know how to use your em…

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The future calls us: understanding the signs on our path

Recently, a tragic accident happened on a highway in my town. An elderly man in his nineties entered the highway in the wrong direction and collided head-on with another vehicle. Tragically, both drivers lost their lives. This sad event may have an important message for us.

Local journalists spok…

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We did it! The war on earth has already reached space.

It turns out that in one of the many regrettable wars that are currently being fought in this world (it doesn't matter which war it is, because they are all wars) a missile from one country shot down another missile from another country in space. According to several journalistic reports, it is the …

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