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Let's spread our wings and fly as high and as far as we can

I recently read a scientific report about a small bird, only five months old, that flew non-stop from Alaska to Tasmania (South Australia), that is, about 13,000 kilometers that the bird traveled in about 13 days. According to scientists, this is the longest distance ever recorded traveled by a bird in a single flight.

Beyond the established distance, it struck me that, due to its age, this was the first flight of the young bird. Obviously, this bird didn't have much of a choice: either fly away to avoid the harsh Alaskan winter (risking death trying) or stay in Alaska where it would face certain death. So, at only five months old, the bird decided to fly.

The report made me think that at five months of life we humans can barely babble or crawl, with no chance of crossing an entire ocean and traveling from one hemisphere to another even if that could save our lives.

In fact, we could not do it either at five years of age, nor probably at 50, an age that for many deepens the desire for expensive and colorful cars (better if they are red, fast and with a sunroof) along with expensive and attractive companions.

We could say, metaphorically, that humans have a hard time flying. And it is so difficult for us that perhaps for this very reason we do not let others fly (on the wings of their imagination, or their desires, or their intelligence) neither at five months, nor at five years of age, nor at 50. To make sure they don't fly, we lock them in invisible cages, called “education” or “culture” or “religion”.

So, when the winds of change blow (that is, when the time is right to take flight), many people would rather hang on to an unbearable and unavoidable winter than fly as high and as far as they can to reach a destination (in every sense of that word) that they themselves have dreamed of and built.

During our childhood, many times we heard phrases like "That is not possible", "That cannot be done", "That is prohibited", "That should not be said", or "That is not a question to be asked" that, as adults, we do nothing, we do not challenge anything, we do not say anything, and we do not ask anything. Even worse, we repeat those phrases to ourselves. We clipped our own wings.

We have been "trained" to live with heart, mind, instinct, and body in disharmony with each other. We feel one thing, think another, and then do something totally different. Meanwhile, we never spread our wings and never look for new horizons, to the delight of all those pseudo "coaches" who fill their pockets pretending to "help" us.

We were born and exist to be messengers (“angels” is the word in Greek) of a wonderful universe and we spend our lives locked inside our own fictions and with stunted wings. Let's spread our wings and fly high and far.

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