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The global meta-metamorphosis is almost here while we look the other way

Now that the great tide of that European experiment called Modernity has begun to recede, ideas, desires, and hopes that have been drowned for the last 500 years can be seen all over the world. But as the tide of Modernity continues to recede, there is a growing possibility of a tsunami of global and irreversible changes.

In fact, the tsunami of changes has also already begun and, contrary to what it might seem, it is not limited to serious environmental problems or to the growing interference of artificial intelligence in our lives, nor even to the possibility of imminent extraterrestrial contacts. The current changes are a total transformation, a metamorphosis.

However, the magnitude and obviousness of those changes do not mean that we can appreciate the new reality that we are facing. Let's look at it this way: when the caterpillar begins its metamorphosis process, the caterpillar considers that it is sick and activates its defenses to stop that “disease”. Only when the caterpillar stops "defending itself", does the metamorphosis begin.

Many of us, perhaps most, do not even think about the new future that is now emerging. And many others (especially politicians) see this global transformation in which we are all now participating (whether we know it or not) as something to be "defended" against, almost like a "disease" to be eradicated.

That is why, unfortunately, foolish efforts by demagogues to return to a past that never existed as they remember it are frequently repeated. And those opportunists of fear preach their distorted gospel that brings comfort to those who, believing themselves destined to only be caterpillars, never begin their own metamorphosis.

It has been said, and rightly so, that life is what happens to us while we are busy doing other things. In the same way, it could be said that change, transformation, is what happens to us while we are looking the other way (perhaps walking through social networks or sending memes). But, in humans, metamorphosis happens even if we are not aware of it.

In fact, what we are seeing and experiencing is a new and globalized form of the human unconscious, in which, far from being a collective unconscious that expresses heroic archetypes, it has become a litany of superficialities where everyone appears as victims of something or someone and no one appears desires to take responsibility for their own life.

In a very few years, this irresponsible inaction and superficiality in the face of the challenges and opportunities of the emerging future will be of little or no use because, being inefficient and inoperative, they only seek to repeat the past or perpetuate the present but cannot co-create a new future.

Since the collapse of civilization in the Bronze Age 3,200 years ago, humanity has not experienced a transformation as profound as the one we are now experiencing, where what was is no longer (even though it is still here) and what is coming has arrived (although we do not yet  perceive it).


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